Samantha Vance

Samantha Vance
Samantha Vance currently lives in Louisiana with her husband and four fur babies who are all integral members of her writing team. Mostly their job duties include listening to the ramblings of a mad-woman hell bent on figuring out the plot hole in her story at 2am, cuddles and a steady stream of both coffee and Old Fashions. Yes, her pets are extremely talented bartenders.
She did not follow the traditional road to becoming an author. Though she often dreamed of witches, werewolves and grand battles, she thought becoming an adult was leaving those things in fiction and chose a career path in the healthcare field to help people.
It took a few years after college for her to realize that the real world can be cruel and boring, and providing readers with worlds to escape and dive into was her true calling.
Lightning Bound is her first published work and is Book 1 in the Lightning Bound Series.
Check out her social media for future releases, announcements, and videos that (hopefully) make you laugh.
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