Samantha Vance

Lightning Bound Book Title
Trust the lightning.
It ́s all Blair can do when she ́s on the run for over a year, hoping to escape a deadly fate. Her psychic best friend ́s vision comes with a harrowing warning, and lightning seems to be her only hope. Horrific creatures plague her nightmares, and being a chaos witch has brought more than its fair share of troubles.
Blair tentatively puts her fate in Dean ́s hands, an alpha werewolf hell-bent on keeping her safe, and she is thrown into a world she has been working so hard to keep herself out of—one full of supernatural creatures and magic.
But that safety is short-lived, her enemies stopping at nothing to have her in their grasp. Soon, she is faced with darkness, otherworldly prophecies, and trials unimaginable. Hidden truths are revealed, and the destiny entwined with her birth catch the attention of the gods. Before she knows it, she is thrust into an ancient game of power and deception.
Will Blair play into the hands of the arrogant gods?
Or will she forge her own path and unleash chaos upon the realms?

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Lightning Bound Book Cover